Contributed by Corrie Bubik, Neighbour and Season Pass Holder

One evening last winter, I took the upper t-bar to Chinook at the top of Pass Powderkeg for the first time in probably 15 years. When the lift lights came on, the shadows of the towering trees intensified, and with the crackle of the snow under my skis and wind on my cheeks, the flashbacks from my youth almost brought me to tears. I had, as many Pass kids then and now, nearly lived at the hill in the evenings. The view of the winter sun setting behind Crowsnest Mountain while the moon and stars started to peek out, overlooking the humble lights of Blairmore down below, would nearly stop your heart.

“The Keg” was our meetup and hangout place, and the incidental supervision by the patrollers, staff at the lodge, and parents checking in (this was before cell phones) was more about spending time together, as our wee community naturally wove itself around the comings and goings at the ski hill. Now, as parents of young children, we specifically chose our home close to the ski hill because we wanted them to have what we had. Bringing our skis to school so that we could walk to the hill afterwards and ski our hearts out until bedtime. Feeling fulfilled through the grounding that regular time in nature gives you. Knowing that we had the freedom to challenge ourselves and take some risks, but within the safety net of the ski hill community who knew us by name.

Pass Powderkeg is incredibly accessible, boasts little to no lineups, with the bottom lift literally in the neighborhood. For families who value active outdoor time together, the simplicity of skiing or snowboarding at Pass Powderkeg makes it a hidden gem in our overdriven, screen laden world. Life in Crowsnest Pass as a whole tends to be simple, fulfilling, and accessible, and our hill reflects these qualities.

Re-printed from the Official Visitor Guide of the Crowsnest Pass.

Season Passes are on sale now.  Until Dec 10, Adult $199/Youth $125/Child $25/Senior $125.