Can you believe it’s already time for the Crowsnest Pass Ski Swap? This 1 day event is a great way to get geared up for the winter, sign up for programs, print your season pass and start winter off on a good foot.

Held at the MDM Building in Bellevue (, the Ski Swap is a long standing ski community tradition and a fundraiser for the Pass powderkeg Ski Society. People bring in their used gear, price it and sell it the next day to others who are on the hunt. Ski swaps offer up deals on a variety of ski, snowboard and cross country ski gear. Clothing is available as well. Retailers often jump in on the event too, bringing more gear and sales help as well. If you’re looking for affordable, this is the way to go.

This year, two retailers will be joining in on the fun: Alpenland and Boarderline. Both will have gear of all shapes and sizes as well as helpful knowledge to get you and your family suited up. Looking for Nordic equipment? You’re in luck. The Crowsnest Nordic Club will have their Kids Loaner program up on the stage and will be answering questions and selling membership about the great trail system up at Chinook Lake.

PPK will be there ready to get you set up with your season passes, rentals, and snow school programs. We will be able to print your pass, answer your questions and size you up.  We will also have staff and Volunteers on hand to answer questions about gear.

This event does require volunteers to be able to hold it.  there are a variety of roles, none more than a few hours each in terms of a time committment.  Help us out by signing up through this link:

Tips & Tricks for Getting Set up with the Right Gear

  • Wear or bring your ski/snowboard socks with you.
  • If you’re looking for boots:
    • Wear loose clothing so you can try them on without hassle.
    • Ski boots should fit snug through the foot and hold your heel down.
    • If your feet are still growing, a bit of space is definitely ok! Make sure that there’s not too much wiggle room side to side or front to back.
    • Before you leave with your boots, make sure to try them on both feet. Often one foot is bigger than the other!

Selling Gear

  • All goods should be clean with no dirt, road salt, or other soiling. Soap and water works well. We want our customers to be able to go riding with minimal hassle after purchasing goods
  • Please ensure that bindings are complete as to all screws and friction plates.
  • Please ensure that boots are a matched pair as to size and left/right.
  • Please ensure that skis have matching serial numbers.
  • Please ensure that ski poles are not mismatched as to size and that baskets, handles and straps are intact.
  • If consigning a number of sets of gear, please secure matched pairs of skis, boots or poles together with heavy duty rubber bands, string or tape.
  • Please leave your straight skis at home.  Unoftunately, they are better suited for a craft project than for skiing on.
  • If you are in doubt as to the age or safety of your equipment, bring it in. Our helpful volunteers will be able to give you more information.
  • A 20% commission fee on all sales will be donated to the Pass Powderkeg Ski Society.

Looking for more info? Check out this great link: