Lesson 1 Recap
Lesson 2 Recap
Is there anything better than a day in the mountains? Probably not. And I had SUCH a great day last Sunday when I joined several families for Canada’s Largest Lesson at Pass Powderkeg.Canada’s Largest Lesson is part of ‘Never Ever Days’, a special program offered at more than 80 ski areas across Canada. It encourages folks to not let affordability stop them from finally hitting the slopes with the family.It was so much fun to see all these families come out (many from as far as Calgary) to take ski or snowboard lessons together. The energy at the event was so positive and fun!We started the morning off with big fat flakes of snow as the groups began their intro to the sport. Based on my experience, instruction before a sport like this is essential to build confidence and lay a strong foundation. It was so great to see all these adults give the sport a try!

Too often, adults avoid taking up new sports out of fear; fear of getting hurt or looking foolish. Lessons are the best way to ensure success!

After covering the basics, everyone moved to the bunny hill and the sky started to open up and we had blue skies and sunshine for the rest of the day. By the end of the lesson, there were a ton of smiling faces and folks were feeling pretty good about what they’ve learned.

Lesson 3 Recap

When the morning lessons wrapped up, I had lunch and a quick coffee refuel, and then I went out for my third lesson with Katherine (read a great FAQ about skiing with kids she did HERE).

First off, this was my first lesson learning what the poles are for. It felt like I was really getting hard core now that I had poles, but it took a lot of coaching to use them properly.

Katherine has an extensive ski coaching background and what I loved the most is that she pushed me. I started off the lesson still pretty unsure and hesitant but rather than baby me, she told me to stop being scared and to go for it. I thrive under this style of coaching and every time I felt myself hesitating I would repeat “just go for it” and go!

She also helped me finally understand correct body posture because I originally kept facing my body into the mountain when I turned. Katherine had me do an exercise called the tea tray where I held my poles up like a tray while I skied. I then pointed it forward and tried to keep it as still as possible as I took my turns down the mountain. This exercise was exactly what I needed to fully grasp the proper form!

The tea tray

She would ride ahead and watch as I came down cheering and then we would talk about the things I needed to correct.  Katherine also took me through PPK’s new Kid’s Snowcross course. Don’t be fooled by the name, adults can do it too, especially beginners like me. I would never have tried to go over that plastic jump is she hadn’t pushed me and I was so proud of myself when I did!

By our last run, I was feeling confident and having such a blast! I left the hill feeing so proud of myself and so happy about how much I’ve progressed since my first lesson. I have one lesson left in my Learn to Turn package and can’t wait to get back out there to practice some more!

Learn to Turn

The Learn to Turn program at Pass Powderkeg is a super affordable way to learn to ski or snowboard. Here’s how it works;

  • Lesson 1- For $65 you get a 90 minute lesson, rental, and lift ticket
  • Lessons 2-4 (Progression package)- For $160 you get three lessons to solidify your skills
  • Free seasons pass for the 2018/2019 season!
  • 50% off season equipment rentals.
  • 25% off a 2019/2020 seasons pass

Who says skiing has to be expensive right? And I am SO happy I have four lessons instead of one. There is so much to learn, you can’t cover it all in one lesson.

I walked to my car with a huge grin on my face and feeling so good about the wonderful day I had! One more lesson to go in my package!

Coffee with a view

I love this view!

My goggle ski-elfie. Lol. It’ll be a thing one day!