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E-Bike Tours and Rentals….

Coming Summer 2018.

Imagine a vehicle that is simple and fun to ride, but doesn’t make you sweat just looking at it. Imagine a vehicle that will get you across town quicker than a car, but uses less energy on a 150 mile ride than a 5 minute hot shower. Imagine a vehicle that is on a human scale; lightweight, agile and convenient. You’ve been dreaming of an electric bike.

This summer, discover the beauty and history of the Crowsnest Pass on a pedal assist E-bike. These easy to operate bikes are ideal for exploring the Pass from a much different perspective, discovering new places along the way. These e-bikes’ electric assist feature lets you climb hills all day with ease, allowing you to enjoy the scenic Crowsnest Pass from so many different vantages.

  • 32 kph top speed
  • 40-70 km range on full battery (dependent on terrain)
  • Half twist throttle and intelligent 5 level pedal assist
  • Full LCD display incl. speedometer, wattmeter & odometer
  • Front suspension fork
  • 7-speed drivetrain
  • Mechanical disk brakes
  • 26″ x 4″ fat bike tires
  • Maximum Weight 125 kgs
  • Bike Weight 30 kgs
Pass Powderkeg on Trailforks.com

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E-bikes are a great way to explore the beauty and history of the Crowsnest Pass at your own pace – they’re also an excellent replacement for a vehicle should you decide to leave the car at home on vacation. Ideas for e-bike outings include:

  • Exploring the entire Valley Trail network
  • Visiting CNP’s lakes attractions and parks
  • Pick up supplies at the Community Market or one of great shops then heading to a park for a picnic
  • Check out the patios, cafes and shops from Bellevue to Coleman.
  • Ride to Allison Lake and go for a dip.


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