Brussel Sprouts + Season Passes?!?

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This post is about Brussel Sprouts.

This is not the name of a ski run or some trick invented in our terrain park.  Nope…we’re talking about the vegetable.

Alberta Beef with a PPK Twist

A year ago, Chef Alejandro Verdi joined our team, bringing a huge change to the dining experience that we offer.  Trained at the Culinary Art Institute of Vancouver, Alejandro is known locally for his talent in combining flavors and cooking concepts from around the world into simple and delicious food.  A great example is our summer steak nights that we ran from mid-June through the end of August.  A high quality cut of Alberta Beef (from Warner, AB), grilled on our custom made Argentinian style fire grill and topped with a flavorful Chimichurri sauce.  In the winter, his menu offers comfort food essentials (Poutine and Pulled Pork Sandwiches) alongside unique creations (Tandoori Cauliflower Sandwiches, Korean Ribs and Ramen Noodle Bowls).  Not your traditional ski hill menu.  One more thing that make Pass Powderkeg different, in all the right ways.

Back to the Brussel Sprouts.

Chef Alejandro

A few years back, Alejandro came up with a Brussel Sprout dish that went viral in the Crowsnest Pass.  So much, that the first question we got when we announced that he was joining the team was, “Will he be doing his Brussel Sprouts?”.  We regularly have folks call up to order takeout which we accommodate when we can.  It’s a bit of a PPK insider’s joke to urge newcomers to try the Brussel Sprouts and then watch for the inevitable puzzled reaction.  This dish has become so much a part of our identity that it even made the cut into our promotional Video.  A big thanks to Riversdale Resources for generously funding the video to help us to better tell the story of what being a part of the Pass Powderkeg community is all about.

So, have we established that we like Brussel Sprouts?

This brings us to what is easily the most unique promotion that we’ve ever come up with.  At PPK, we are all about active and healthy living so we’re going double down to make it easier for you to “Eat Your Vegetables”.

Here’s the deal:

The first 50 Adult Season Passes sold this year will receive a certificate for a free order of this famous dish to enjoy this winter.


PPK is different from other ski hills.  One of these differences is our approach to season pass pricing.  While most hills urge you to buy early (sometimes the best pricing expires before the previous season has even ended), we have made the decision to offer our best pricing all the way to Dec 10, a few weeks into our season.  Even then, we only add the value of one full day ticket to the season pass pricing to avoid penalizing people for being late to the party.  This commitment does add complications to our resource planning.  As a not for profit facility, our plans for the season are tied to our expected revenues, a large portion of which come from season pass sales.  This delicious offer is a fun way to encourage the earlier purchasing of passes so that we are in a better position to plan items like staffing, events and promotions.  Thanks to all for your support.

What to watch for in the coming weeks:
  • We’re finalizing our new “Learn to Turn” program details which we will be sharing shortly.  It’s a program that provides a clear pathway from square one to feeling confident and safe on the mountain and comes with an innovative graduation gift.  Stay Tuned.
  • We are building a youth program that will be offered after school in 2 sessions (Jan-Feb Break and then again after the break until the end of March) that will focus on skill development and being sfe on the slopes.
  • Hiring for positions at Pass Powderkeg is underway.  Interested in joining our team?  Find out more info on our PPK Jobs Page.
  • Watch for details on our annual Ski Swap , tentatively planned for November 3, to help get people outfitted for the coming season.
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